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How Do I Register To Vote?

In order to Vote your name must be entered on the Register of Electors, which is compiled by your local authority.

You are not automatically registered when you turn 18 – Everyone must complete a form.

If you have never registered to Vote before?

 Form RFA2

If you are registered to vote at an old address but you now wish to move your vote to a new address?

Form RFA 3

If you have a Physical Illness or a Physical Disability which means you cannot attend a polling booth


If you are unable to attend your designated polling booth on Election Day because of your occupation or studies but you still wish to vote


If you are a recent naturalised Irish Citizen and you want to vote in a General Election or Referendum

RFA 5 

Application for inclusion in the Supplement to the Special Voters List.


You are a European Citizen and you want to vote in the 2019 European Elections